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Turning Innovation into Operational Excellence in Accident and Health Insurance Since 1999

The DavidShield group has been leading the way in smart health insurance, by developing high-end technological solutions and innovative customer-oriented services. The group has a strong worldwide presence, with customers in over 100 countries, offices in Europe, the US, the Middle East and Australia, and R&D lab in Tel Aviv.

Making Healthcare Accessible for anyone, anywhere

DavidShield group's technological and behavioral solutions reshape the way accident and health insurance is provided and accessed. The group consistently pushes the boundaries, creating a smooth and innovative experience for insured members – a must in today's digital world. Thanks to the group's homegrown solutions, insured members enjoy easy access to services anytime, anywhere!

From core methodologies in its fields of operation, through patent pending advanced analytics-based technologies for real-time claims processing, all the way to autonomous accident and health insurance. More than 2 million satisfied and loyal members, served in over 100 countries around the world, are the best testimony insurance can work differently.

The Power to Say “YES!”

The common insurance model, where customers have no certainty whether their claim will be covered is no longer valid.

We understand that today’s customers are looking for an insurance provider that is genuinely interested in supporting them when they need it the most, and that unhappy customers are willing to switch insurers with the blink of an eye.

That's why we make sure that both the enrollment and claims processing experiences are truly clear, quick and hassle free, just like you’d want it to be.

Redefining the Insurance Experience

The insurance industry is known for its conservative approach, and customers have grown accustomed to its' complex products, limited services and rigid processes. Well, not anymore - the rules of the game have changed!

Today’s consumers reward transparency, speed, flexibility and convenience. That's why the emerging industry leaders are companies that offer ’one click’ digital services, immediate response, accessibility and convenience – serving customers at their own terms, not the company’s.

DavidShield group's insurance experience was created with this goal in mind and offers fully digital transparent customer journeys, unlike any other in the industry.

Innovation Lab

Usually it starts with tossing
around some crazy ideas…

DavidShield Group's innovation lab is the place where technology and insurance meet. The lab's expertise is to challenge the paradigms of the insurance industry in order to incubate the next big thing.

From POC to development, the innovation lab works in short cycles to develop award winning technologies and innovations:

Specializing in
Accident and Health Insurance

The DavidShield group is a leader in the fields of International Medical Insurance (IPMI) and travel insurance. We operate several MGU's/MGA's in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and the US, as well as an R&D lab in Tel Aviv.


First launched in Israel under the brand name PassportCard in 2012, PassportCard was the world’s first Real-Time Travel Insurance. Successfully penetrating a highly-saturated market, PassportCard quickly gained a leading position in the market with over 40% market share and an 85% customer retention rate. It introduced a new approach to travel insurance – a paperless solution, which enables claims payouts on the spot, where and when the customer needs it, without any need for reimbursement.

Since, the Group has been rapidly expanding, launching operations in other significant travel insurance markets under the brand names PassportCard and TravelCard, and also franchising its offerings to major travel insurance companies worldwide.


The Group launched its first IPMI activity in Israel in 1999 under the brand name DavidShield, later to expand to Europe under the brand names ExpatriateCard and PassportCard. The Group’s IPMI activities have gained a leading position in the expatriate health and life insurance fields. Thanks to the ever-evolving innovative solutions, the Group's IPMI members can instantaneously access healthcare services across the globe, without having to submit traditional claim forms or wait for pre-approvals and reimbursements. This exceptional customer experience has earned numerous awards over the years, including the 2016 Expatriate Management and Mobility Award, for most Innovative use of technology in global mobility.

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DavidShield Group

Our success is a direct result of our strategic alliances and partnerships with the world’s leading health-care providers and insurance companies:


Allianz Group (France, Germany)

United Healthcare (USA)

Hollard Insurance Company (Australia)

DavidShield Insurance Company Ltd.